My dua decreed me a spouse of my own choice

A muslim man

Societies taunts couldn’t stop me to get married with my small income and dua

Expenses started rising day by day after marriage. My tension continued to grow. Many used to say to my face that I ended my career. Just three months after the marriage, my wife said……..Read More

Nephew with her uncle smiling

My dua gets my uncle out of coma

My Uncle had a brain hemorrhage and was admitted to the hospital. Doctors could say anything about his chances of recovery as his condition was serious. They kept him in the 72 hours of observation……..Read More

A man is working in his laptop

A strong tawakkul and dua turned this brother’s haram earnings to halal

This is the story of a Muslim brother who once faced a dilemma to decide between two choices, both of were difficult.
He was the manager of one of the largest hotels in Egypt. The dedication towards his job was outstanding……….. Read more

A man is saying yes and expressing excitement

Being fired from the boss, my dua get me a cabin beside the same boss

It was a couple of years ago, I rejoined the company after a 5-6 months gap. I had to leave since I made a mistake and my boss was not ok with it. He was a tough disciplinary guy and I just couldn’t live up to his expectations………… Read more

Smiling Muslim man in traditional clothing. About 26 years old.

Getting rejected to landing up the highest paying job…..How Allah blessed this brother

He was amongst a few who did not get a job because most companies have 60 percent and above academic standards for being qualified to apply for the tests. So, he was denied………… Read more